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Turning the Page: Charting my Course from 40 to 50


Setting Sail: An Introduction

As I celebrate my 40th birthday, I stand at a significant crossroads. Looking out toward the horizon, I see 2033 with eager anticipation and a clear purpose.

This vision, stretching from today until my 50th year, is not a destination but a guide. The goal is conscious and purposeful living. It is a roadmap. It pinpoints the areas of my life I intend to cultivate.

I am excited. I understand that the next ten years will present unique challenges and opportunities. This vision allows me to navigate the ebbs and flows with intention. It lays a solid foundation for a fulfilling decade of growth and realization.

Let's dive in.

The Temple of the Self: Health and Wellness

In the coming decade, my health and wellness vision focuses on maintenance.

By 2033 I will have exercised at least 2,500 times, ensuring my body remains strong and agile.

Also critical to my physical wellness is my mental health. To support this, I will have meditated for over 500 hours. This routine translates to roughly 10 minutes per day.

These concrete targets translate my vision into actionable, measurable steps. I'm committed to these regular exercise and meditation routines.

I intend to enter my 50s with the same physical capacity and mental resilience I have today.

This approach mirrors my belief in treating health as a habit, as essential as brushing my teeth. It's not about pushing for new peaks. It's about preserving the health and vitality I've worked hard to achieve.

Growing Beyond Limits: Personal Development

Over the next decade, I will embrace intellectual and creative avenues for personal growth.

I plan to author a book. Regardless of the publishing route, this book will capture my philosophy. It will resonate with a broad audience. It will mark a significant milestone in my life.

Additionally, I will continue cultivating my musical talent.

I aim to formalize my dabbling with the piano into a structured learning journey. I take regular piano lessons, practice daily, and progress to a skill level where I can take part in recitals.

These pursuits will enrich my personal experiences and bring me joy. They show my commitment to lifelong learning and self-improvement.

Unplugged: Leisure and Recreation

Amid my rigorous work and personal growth endeavors, I need downtime. I value moments of leisure and recreation that provide me with balance and joy.

I plan to continue indulging in my favorite hobbies.

Books have always held a special place in my life, offering both an escape and a source of learning. I intend to keep immersing myself in a good book whenever I can steal a moment away from my bustling life.

I'm excited about new releases from favored authors. Neal Stephenson will continue to feed my reading appetite.

Video gaming is another cherished pastime. It's a captivating blend of entertainment, challenge, and story. I am excited. I await the release of Final Fantasy 20. I get it as a surprise birthday gift. I'm ready to lose myself in its immersive world. Time to call in sick!

Walking holds a dual role in my life - it's both a form of exercise and a time for mental tranquility. I intend to continue my daily strolls through the local park near my home. I enjoy the connection to nature it fosters.

Beyond these regular walks, I foresee day trips for hiking outside of Toronto. I explore my country with intention. I revel in the sense of tranquility these excursions offer.

These hobbies, while simple, hold profound importance. They offer a respite from my professional commitments. They nurture my well-being.

They ensure that my vision for the future also includes fun and enjoyment.

My Anchor, My Compass: Family

My relationship with my wife, Crystal, will be at the heart of my family life over the next decade.

Crystal is not only my partner; she is my best friend, confidante, source of joy, and the anchor of our family. Our bond is the bedrock upon which all other relationships sit.

In nurturing this relationship, I find my most profound sense of fulfillment.

Over the next ten years, I will continue fostering our bond. I will nurture our connection which will deepen our understanding of one another. We will continue to invest time and love into our companionship. Together, we will create a reservoir of shared memories.

Our mutual respect, understanding, and shared journey make our partnership resilient and rewarding. We will continue to grow together, navigating life's challenges and celebrating its joys.

Whether we're parenting Coco and Frances or focused elsewhere, our partnership will be my priority.

And there will be lots of dancing.

Our current canine companions, Delphie and Freya, hold a special place in our family. Delphie, being older, will not be with us. Still, I foresee cherishing her memories and the love she brought into our lives.

I envision introducing a new canine companion as Freya grows into an older dog. By 2033 our new family member will be around 6 to 8 years old!

Our dogs are more than pets - they are family. They travel with us, take part in family activities, and are well-mannered. They blend into our lives.

They bring an extra layer of joy and companionship to our family dynamic.

This family culture of togetherness, communication, and mutual support is fundamental. It will shape our shared experiences over the next decade.

Crystal and I will cultivate a loving and supportive environment. It will provide a nurturing atmosphere for our daughters as they carve out their paths.

This warmth will radiate throughout our extended family and circle of friends.

The Billion-Dollar Vision: Career

In my professional life, my ambitions are bold and clear-cut. I envision laying the foundations of a billion-dollar company over the next ten years. My mission isn't to build a business but to shape a revolution in business communication.

I will transform how we collaborate and make decisions within dynamic, fast-paced environments.

My product will be so impactful that it becomes the go-to solution for at least 10,000 companies. It will assist them daily in surmounting their communication and decision-making hurdles. This figure isn't the goal but indicates the widespread change my startup seeks to effect.

Employees won't get forced to use my product by management. They will have a genuine enthusiasm to use it. I yearn for the customers to know and understand its benefits clearly. It enhances their operations, facilitates their success, and provides actual value.

The ultimate measure of my success won't be the value of my company. It's about knowing that my contributions have sparked meaningful improvement within many organizations. This intersection of economic growth and tangible impact drives my vision.

Building Security, Not Fortunes: Finance

I will establish a monthly surplus, laying the groundwork for future investments.

In the short term, I aim to shift my spending habits and increase my income to achieve this within the next year. Over the next decade, I aspire to pay off my home. I may even use it as a stepping stone for more investments.

I will also secure the resources necessary to cover my children's educational expenses. They won't have to worry about tuition and living costs for at least four university years.

I expect amassing net assets valued between three to five million dollars.
I won't live like a "rich person." I will maintain a modest and comfortable lifestyle in my home. Any surplus will be donated to responsible charities.

I seek financial freedom and security rather than extravagant wealth. I would instead focus on personal and career growth and provide for my family's needs.

Rebel with a Cause: Community Involvement

As I move into the next decade, I foresee my community engagement deepening.

I will champion causes that align with my value. In particular, I oppose the hedonic treadmill and the culture of relentless consumerism. I will promote contentment with what one has, advocating for the 'good enough' and 'gratitude' principles. This could take many forms. From involvement in organizations with a similar ethos to spearheading awareness campaigns.

I aim to inspire others to think differently. Sustainable satisfaction over the constant pursuit of worldly gain. I will help to create a more conscious and contented society.

The Horizon Beckons: Conclusion

As I embark on this decade-long journey, I am mindful of the fluidity of life and open to change.

This vision serves as a compass. It points me toward the future I aspire to create, but it does not dictate a rigid pathway. Life will present unexpected challenges. But my core values and aspirations will remain my guiding light.

While setting goals is essential, the journey to their realization is what matters.

I am dedicated to savoring each moment. I will embrace change and cherish the growth from this journey. By my 50th year, I aspire to reflect on a decade lived with intention.

The path may be demanding, but walking it will make every step worthwhile.

This is the future I envision and the journey I am excited to embark on.