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The Morning with My Kids: How Startup Founders Can Balance Parenthood and Business


As a startup founder, balancing your business with your family can feel Herculean. Your mornings should be a time to bond with your children and prepare for the day. But often, they turn into a battlefield that leaves you stressed and exhausted.

Picture this – you’re already burning the midnight oil to grow your company. Now you must wrestle with your kids, Frances and Coco, every morning to prepare them for school. The constant struggle is draining your energy. It makes it even more challenging to focus on your work and make progress in your business.

But what if I told you there’s a way to turn this morning madness into cherished quality time with your children? In this post, I’ll share my daily experience with my kids. Then, I’ll cover how we aim to create precious memories while staying on top of my startup game. Of course, it’s not perfect, but we’re making progress!

I wake up early. Align with my wife, Crystal. And, together, we dedicate time to breakfast, walks, and cleaning. I’ve been able to aim for a balanced routine that benefits my family and business.

Keep reading to learn how to achieve harmony and maximize your time as a parent and entrepreneur.

Waking up early and embracing a structured morning routine

My typical morning routine begins at 5:30 AM with a meditation session. I follow with a workout and a walk with our dogs, Delphie and Freya. When I return home at 7:20 AM, I am awake and ready to tackle the day.

One expert to pay attention to is Hal Elrod. He wrote “The Miracle Morning.” The book endorses the importance of a structured morning routine. The result is an increase in productivity all well-being.

Partnering with Crystal to avoid battling on two fronts

Crystal plays a crucial role in our morning routine. Between 6:30 AM and 8:00 AM, she handles half of the work. She focuses on styling advice, preparing the kids’ breakfast, and helping with hair. This division of tasks allows us to be a team and fosters a more harmonious family dynamic.

I’ve posted about Dr. John Gottman before. He emphasizes the importance of a “united front” in parenting.

The morning walk and bonding time with the kids

I like walking my dogs—all the better when I have company. But forcing my kids to join me doesn’t work. So, I tried some non-violent communication. I never insisted that my kids join me on our morning dog walks.

Yet, after a few weeks of going by myself, Coco and Frances began to join me on their own. We now enjoy quiet morning walks together. We spot wild rabbits and the occasional skunk we call “Mr. Stinker.”

This approach encourages my kids to choose to join healthy activities. It’s jaw-dropping when it happens.

The cleaning game and teaching responsibility

To teach our kids responsibility, I devised a cleaning game. Each person earns points for every item they clean up or put away within a 10-minute timeframe. The goal is to be consistent rather than competitive. Even I do it! The kids love delivering their “report” to me after the timer goes off each morning.

Dr. Deborah Serani advocates turning chores into games. Games are a lot more enjoyable and engaging for children than chores! Try it!

The benefits of this morning routine

Our morning routine has fostered stronger family bonds. Our experiences, like the morning walk and cleaning game, create shared memories.

Clinical psychologist Dr. David Anderson emphasizes the importance of routines for family well-being. Additionally, it provides predictability for kids and parents. Furthermore, it helps reduce my stress and anxiety. As a startup founder, the morning routine helps me start the day with a clear mind. As a result, I can focus on my work and be more effective.

A balanced morning routine can transform struggles with your kids into precious memories. As busy startup founders, achieving harmony is possible.

This approach benefits our personal lives and allows us to be more productive and focused on our businesses. If you find yourself grappling with these challenges, consider implementing similar strategies.

Until next time!