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Simple Chats, Vital Connections


Over the past five years, I’ve had regular talk therapy. It’s been crucial to my self-growth and mental stability. But I’ve found a surprising aid: good, old conversations with friends.

I’m cautious about saying this because it’s my experience. Not everyone may feel the same. In my view, men often shy away from deep talks with friends. For me, building this into my life was a conscious act.

The reward is meaningful. Meeting a friend reduces my stress. It’s a vital tool for my mental well-being.

Yesterday, I had an enriching 45-minute chat with a friend. No grand purpose. We caught up on books, family, and work. The effect was positive. I felt more energetic and lighter than usual. It was a familiar feeling, like after a therapy session.

As I’ve aged, grand events have lost their charm. Simple acts like lunch with a friend or a walk matter more. They have become critical to my well-being.

In short, these conversations are a boon. They let me share and step out of my mind. Not a replacement for professional therapy but a vital supplement.

Now, to an embarrassing revelation. I often set phone reminders to check in with friends. It’s as easy as “Remind me to Check in with Adam in two weeks.” It might seem impersonal, but it’s a bridge to better relationships. Work and family often consume me.

These reminders are my lifeline to friends.

I was uneasy about this. But then, tools are there to aid us. If a tool helps nurture my relationships, why not use it? Today, it has become a part of my routine.

The takeaway? Simple chats are potent. They nurture the soul and reduce stress. And in a world that’s always rushing, these chats and humble phone reminders make all the difference.