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Old Dog, New Wisdom: How My Senior Vizsla Delphie Enhanced My Decision-Making Skills


Today, I share how Delphie, my 14-year-old Vizsla, improved my decision-making skills. Yes, an old dog taught an old dog new tricks!

The Dawn of Routine

Delphie has a rigorous routine. She wakes up at 7 am sharp every day and has a set of activities she expects to follow.

Are you deviating from this schedule? Not on her watch!

An ordinary routine, but let me explain why it’s anything but that.

Her Precise Mornings

Before I head to the gym at 5:30 am, I ensure Delphie transitions from my daughter’s room to mine. If I don’t, she’ll be barking at their door to get let out before I can make it home.

So instead, she snuggles into my warm spot in bed, happy as can be. When I return around 7 am, she’s ready for her morning walk.

A delay in this routine means an unhappy pup.

The Joy of Mealtime

Another cherished part of Delphie’s routine is mealtime, her favorite moment of the day. After our morning walk, she bounces around like a puppy, anticipating her meal.

When her food gets served, she devours it within seconds. She finishes her raw food in record time!

Water Dog

Delphie loves the water. Despite her age, she’s obsessed. Given a chance, she would spend all her time swimming.

As she’s gotten older, her body hasn’t been able to keep up. Last year, we even had to get her a life jacket, which she wears 24/7 when near water.

Her unwavering spirit speaks volumes about resilience and courage.

In decision-making, these traits are invaluable. It’s about not letting difficulties deter us. It’s about being brave and taking the plunge.

It also points to the importance of taking necessary precautions. Even though she’s a happy swimmer, she needs a life jacket to mitigate potential risks. Contingency plans and risk assessments matter.

A New Family Member

A few years back, when Delphie was around 10 or 11, we introduced a new member to our family - a puppy named Freya.

Delphie, being an old dog, was unhappy with this new addition. Yet, over time, something remarkable happened.

Within a month or two, the introduction of Freya breathed new life into Delphie. It was as if her life had rewound a few years. She started jumping onto the bed again, playing with toys, and wrestling with Freya.

It was a transformation that left us stunned.

This experience underscores the value of adaptability and openness to change in decision-making. Delphie resisted the change, but when she adapted, it brought about a positive transformation in her life.

Pearls of Wisdom from Delphie

Delphie’s life offers valuable lessons for decision-making:

Consistency Matters

Her commitment to routine teaches us to focus and be consistent in our tasks, like her daily visits to my room.

Embrace Passion

Delphie’s excitement at mealtime highlights the importance of passion. Getting excited about outcomes enhances our experiences.


Delphie’s ability to devour food the moment it lands on her plate teaches us to make quick, confident decisions.

Be Resilient and Assess Risks

Delphie loves water, showing strength and bravery beyond age. Her life jacket represents thoughtful risk planning. This teaches us to expect challenges and prepare.

Accept Change

Delphie’s transformation after Freya’s arrival emphasizes the importance of openness to change. From resistance to acceptance, she shows us that adapting can bring positive outcomes.

A Life of Wisdom

My wife always says, “Delphie found her wisdom. I wonder when Freya will find hers?”

Delphie’s routine-oriented, enthusiastic, courageous, and adaptive life holds an ocean of wisdom. And thanks to Delphie, I’ve become a better decision-maker.

We might just be learning from our old dogs in ways we least expect.