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My Morning Walks: A Simple Path to a Clear Mind


Each dawn at 7 a.m., I have a routine.

I walk my dogs. It's a short walk. We tread to a roundabout, where a small park lies. We call it the Circle Park. The dogs attend to their needs, and then we head home. In the school year, my kids join. In summer, I'm usually alone.

This walk, simple as it is, clears my head.

Have you ever had pickled ginger? It cleanses your taste buds. My walk does that for my mind. It has become my tool for mental clarity.

Take yesterday, for instance. I was deep in app design. I was working in Figma, building mockups. Late afternoon, I had to switch. I had to write emails and set up customer interviews.

An idea sparked. Take a walk. And so, I did. I walked our usual route under the hot sun. This walk helped me move from intricate design to connecting with people.

I cherish these walks. I suggest you try it too. Find a spot for a quick 15-minute walk in your day, especially if you're desk-bound. It's a beneficial habit.

My dogs help me keep this habit. They rely on me for their walk. That makes the walk a necessity for me. It's my push to make this a daily routine. Find your 'why,' your push.

Make walking a habit.

I promise it's worth it.