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My Digital Security Blanket: A Journey with Video Games


Sometimes life is hard, a constant battle that keeps you on edge. It throws punches, and sometimes you’re unprepared to dodge. But luckily, we all have our unique coping mechanisms.

Mine? Video games.

Imagine feeling down and unable to think straight, only to find solace in digital fantasy. That’s been my experience.

With a recent bout of strep throat causing havoc in my life, I found myself reaching for the PS5 controller. The comfort of navigating digital worlds eased my restless mind.

I had to ponder why this hunger for gaming when I am under the weather.

The answer took me back to my childhood, a period filled with constant change.

My family and I moved over ten times within ten years. And through all those transitions, video games remained a steady presence. I did everything from renting the SNES to optimizing my first PC to play the latest games. Gaming served as an anchor in a sea of instability.

I started gaming before I could walk. By the time I was ten, I was a lifer. I remember playing “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.” As a 9-year-old, swinging that virtual sword and hearing the metallic reverb was pure magic.

Those early gaming moments laid a foundation for my relationship with games today.

Fast forward to the present.

I’m 40 now and continue to seek refuge in these digital realms. It’s incredibly comforting during periods of uncertainty or melancholy.

But it’s a balance.

Video games can lead to dependency. My experience with World of Warcraft is a testament to these games’ alluring and consuming power. In short, I became obsessed.

To counter this, I’ve now adapted my gaming habits.

I focus on single-player games. I refuse to be bound to constant engagement. I check my gaming hours. I question the motive if I find myself playing several days in a row. Is it a habit, or am I enjoying the game?

While gaming has been a comfort, I’ve learned to recognize when a break is necessary. I usually need one after prolonged sessions during sickness. These reset periods are crucial for maintaining a balanced relationship with my digital haven.

Video games have been my virtual blanket, wrapping me in a comforting familiarity in times of distress.

They are a fantastic form of entertainment, bringing joy and solace to players like me.

Thanks for listening!