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How Helps Me Stay Focused for 90-Minute Stints


In the world of superheroes, each one has a secret weapon. Superman has super-strength, Spiderman has his webs, and me? I've got

Now, I know what you're thinking, "What? Ninety minutes of intense focus? Is that even possible?" Well, my friend, not only is it possible, it's beneficial, and the secret sauce is in the science.

Meeting the Brain Guru: Andrew Huberman

In the past, my battery would be at zero after a long and draining day of work. I felt depleted and struggling to engage with my energetic kids and wife. They were eager for social interaction and quality family time, yet I felt exhausted. The stark contrast presented a daily challenge.

That's when a friend introduced me to the work of Andrew Huberman, a renowned scientist. Huberman developed the Neuroplasticity Super-Protocol. It's a practical approach that considers our brain's innate abilities for adaptation.

One aspect that particularly resonated with me is the 90-minute learning sessions. This concept aligns with our brain's natural 'ultradian rhythm.' When you're sensitive to your rhythm, you can have intense periods of focus.

I've been following this approach for years. It's helped my productivity and energy management. As a result, I've managed to boost my productivity and have an even energy level throughout the day.

Now, I show up for my family at the end of the day with far more energy. The impact has been nothing short of transformative.

One of the tools that help me stay focused during these 90-minute sessions is It's like Adderall for your ears without the messy downsides.

Cracking Open the Magic Box:

"What on earth is" I hear you wonder. Well, it's not a magic box but a science-based music service designed to help you focus. It's got some patented technology behind it. It uses music to synchronize your brainwaves and guide you into focused attention. Their music isn't about blocking out distractions. Designed to avoid attention-grabbing elements, it sits in the background. It helps you concentrate. Unlike some other services,'s music uses neuroscience. They test it, too, ensuring that it works.

This technique has been beneficial for people with different cognitive needs. ADHD, something dear members of my own family suffer from, can be tough to tame. helps steer their brainwaves into a more focused state. Focus aids can help ease the struggle for concentration that often comes with ADHD.

The Wave of Energy and the Importance of Breaks

Like the ocean, my energy moves in waves all day, particularly during these cycles. It surges up and then eases down. So respect for my natural rhythm, rather than battling against it, is crucial.

When I am in a low-energy state, I sidestep significant decisions. Instead, I take notes, capture all the context, and revisit them when my energy has returned. This approach aligns with Huberman's recommendation. He says to insert micro-rest intervals and limit learning sessions to 90 minutes. This has helped me make better decisions.

Onwards and Upwards

Incorporating into my routine has been a game-changer. It helps me channel my focus, stay productive, and keep my energy levels in check. It's like having a conductor for my brain. The little guy orchestrates my performance. He aids me in achieving more while keeping burnout at bay.

Speaking of achieving more. If you're a founder or executive of a growth-stage startup, you will want to know about FForward. It's an AI-powered decision log we're developing. We designed it to help you make informed, efficient decisions.

It's not quite ready for its grand unveiling yet, but trust me when I say it will be a game-changer. So if you're interested (and I bet you are), I'd encourage you to sign up for our waitlist. You'll be the first to know when we launch. You'll be joining an exclusive group of founders. And you'll have my gratitude!

In the meantime, give a try and see how it can transform your productivity. Remember, we're not working hard; we're working smart. And with the power of neuroscience in our hands (or ears), we're well on our way to becoming superheroes in our own right.

Till next time, keep those tunes flowing and ride the waves of your ultradian rhythm!