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Hey there, early-stage startup founders! I'm Cameron, your go-to Fractional Executive with 10+ years of experience in building and growing digital products. My mission is to help your startup thrive by filling strategic and executional gaps in your leadership team.

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Why work with me?

  1. Proven track record: Raised $80m, created the world's first active robo-advisor, and sold a company to Autodesk.
  2. Expertise: Digital product development, leadership, mentoring, financial planning, analysis, fundraising, goal setting, strategic planning, and technical expertise.
  3. Flexibility: Adapting and co-defining goals with founders and leadership teams for maximum impact.

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On our call, we'll have a casual conversation about your startup's goals, challenges, and how my unique set of skills and experiences can contribute to your success. Don't wait – let's start building your startup's bright future together!

Fun facts about me:

  • I'm self-taught and always staying up-to-date with industry trends.
  • I love mentoring and spending time with my family.
  • Fitness, journalling, and playing video games are my go-to stress relievers.

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Q: What are your typical responsibilities as a Fractional Executive?
A: I help set goals, develop strategy, manage teams, and execute tasks tailored to your startup's needs.

Q: How much time would you spend with my team each week?
A: I'll dedicate 4-16 hours per week, focusing on achieving the goals we set together.

Q: Will you write code?
A: Yes, but it depends on your business stage:

  • For discovery, I'm all in on scrappy prototypes to gather evidence.
  • For delivery, I could be a bottleneck as an individual contributor, so I'll help build and manage a team for effective delivery.
  • I can also handle tasks like instrumenting the business and integrating telemetry, keeping application developers focused.

Q: How much will it cost to work with you?
A: My day rate is $2,500 US. Retainer models are available, such as a $10,000 monthly retainer for 16 hours per week.

Q: How do we get started working together?
A: Reach out to me, and we'll schedule a call to discuss your goals, challenges, and how I can contribute to your success.

Q: How do you ensure confidentiality and protect our intellectual property?
A: I value trust and professionalism. We can sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to safeguard your confidential information and intellectual property.

Q: Can you provide references or testimonials from previous clients?
A: Absolutely. Upon request, I'll gladly share references and testimonials from startups I've worked with in the past.

Q: Can you adapt to our existing processes and tools, or do you have specific requirements?
A: I'm flexible and can work with your existing processes and tools. If needed, I can also recommend best practices and tools based on my experience.

Q: How do you handle communication and collaboration with remote teams?
A: I'm experienced in working with remote teams and use various communication tools like Slack, Zoom, and project management software to ensure seamless collaboration.

Q: Can you help us with fundraising and networking?
A: Yes, I have a proven track record in fundraising and can leverage my network to connect you with potential investors and strategic partners.

Thank you!

As a Fractional Executive with a decade of experience building and growing digital products, I would be honored to help your startup thrive. Let's have a conversation about your goals and challenges, and I'll do my best to fill the strategic and executional gaps in your leadership team. Book a call with me today, and together we can build a bright future for your startup.

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