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Accountability and Growth


Today, I’m opening up about a difficult truth.

Seven months ago, at a company event, I made unacceptable sexual advances toward a female colleague.

This infraction was bad enough to result in my termination from Delphia, a company I helped form.

I messed up, and I'm truly sorry. I feel deep shame and remorse for my actions.

Most people in my position stay quiet and hope the incident passes. I’m not going to do that.

First, the victim deserves my wholehearted apology. I can’t understand the full consequences of my actions, but I know I caused harm.

I’m deeply sorry. I realize I can't make up for my actions or undo the trauma I caused.

Second, I want to grow and create a positive impact. I need to work on myself. Besides the person targeted, I hurt people close to me, including friends and family. Through therapy and discovery, I've started self-improvement and personal growth. I stopped drinking the day after the incident, joined a rehab program, and attend weekly private and couples therapy sessions.

I can't lead a diverse organization without addressing my past. I must face power imbalance and discrimination. This is an ongoing process, and I'm committed to learning from my mistakes and seeking guidance.

Lastly, I’ll need to explain what happened to my daughters. I want them to learn that we can grow and change after making terrible mistakes and that it’s important to be aware of our actions’ impact.

I pledge to stop this from happening again. That goes beyond my actions. I’m committed to making my future workplaces safe and inclusive. I’ll put comprehensive harassment and sensitivity training in place. I’ll create strong anti-harassment policies. I’ll promote diversity and inclusion efforts. In short, I’ll do everything I can to learn from my mistakes, grow from them, and ensure they don’t happen again.

While this lesson has been harsh, it has catalyzed my personal growth and commitment to change. Moving forward, I’ll work to build on this by positively impacting my future workplaces and the tech industry.