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A Love Letter to LogSeq: How It Became an Essential Part of My Life as a Startup Founder


Today, I want to share my love for LogSeq, a fantastic tool integrated into my daily routine. It's helped me work, think, and connect with others. As a testament to its value, I launch LogSeq first thing in the morning daily. So let me take you on a journey through how this versatile app has become a part of my life. My goal with this post is to inspire you to try it!
A Warm Welcome from LogSeq

One of the small joys I experience every morning is opening LogSeq to today's date. This simple feature centers my focus on the present. Then, I scan for anything tagged with today's date. Usually, my past self has pushed tasks or thoughts into the future for some reason.

Creating My Daily Plan

Each morning, I use a template in LogSeq to help me get organized and introspective. This template includes sections such as:

  1. Gratitude Journal
  2. Morning Journal (featuring five questions to hone in on my values)
  3. Daily intentions (a judgment-free list of things I want to do, think, or feel)

These thoughtful prompts encourage me to start my day with purpose and self-awareness.

Journals: A Space for Notes and Reflections

Throughout the day, I return to LogSeq to jot down notes and musings. For instance, I copy and paste a meeting title from my calendar to create a new section. Then, I take meeting notes and action items underneath them. This habit lets me search and find my thoughts later. I have years of this stuff, and it's all accessible.


One of the aspects of LogSeq that I appreciate most is its ability to function as a personal CRM. I can create dedicated homepages for everyone I've written about using square brackets. Each page lets me recall a history of interactions, meetings, and other details. It feels like having a personal assistant keeping track of my network.

A Memory Boost

Since using LogSeq, I've noticed that people have begun complimenting my "amazing memory." While I can't take all the credit, LogSeq has given me skills I wouldn't otherwise have been able to pull off.

Discover More

If you want to learn more about LogSeq's features, head to their website at You'll find answers to many more questions about how LogSeq can benefit startup founders like us.

A Heartfelt Recommendation

From one founder to another, I invite you to try LogSeq and experience the difference it can make in your life. Explore the features that cater to your needs and preferences. See how it helps you manage your daily tasks and thoughts.

There are competitors like Roam and Obsidian. Try them too! The essential factor is finding a tool that makes information retrieval feel organic and natural.

Here's to happier, more organized days ahead!